Hi. Are you joining us in San Francisco?

by bold-lichterman

We are 4 and we are looking for the 5th team member. We develop Tribe, an iOS & Android application. We have a simple mission: to reinvent the mobile messaging experience.

Hi Are you joining us in San Francisco

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We are still pre-launch, and already used in more than 100 countries.

We are lucky to be accompanied and supported on a daily basis by brilliant people (Kima Ventures, Ludlow Ventures, Partech Ventures …) and the media are pretty cool when they talk about us (Techcrunch, Forbes,The echoes…).

Hi Are you joining us in San Francisco

November 2015, our arrival in SF.

Currently, we live in San Francisco, and we are looking for a Backend profile. We’re not looking for an employee. We’re looking for a soldier. In fact, we’re looking for THE 5th soldier.

This soldier, he’s invited to join us in SF. Of course, he will be associated. He will have total freedom and responsibility on the construction from scratch of the infra ‘of the backend. It will also have to ensure the scalability and security of the platform.

The ideal soldier:

  • Backend scaling experience
  • Experience with Python or Node.Js or Ruby on Rails
  • Experience in API dev.
  • Startup mindset. Open minded. Ready to do hours of work.
  • Ready to join us in California. ASAP.

More info about the job on AngelList.

Interested? My PIN Code Tribe is 0001 / my email is [email protected]

Inside tribe
Thoughts from the team crafting @ heytribe.medium.com

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Cyril Paglino is co-founder of Tribe.

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