Here is the robot portrait of the developer in 2016

by bold-lichterman

The typical developer is a man (at 92.8%), young (he is on average 29.6 years old), and he sees himself as self-taught (in 69.1% of cases), we learn in the study Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016 published last March. For its 2016 survey, the company that allows developers to help each other interviewed 56,033 developers, the majority of which appear to be Americans.

First observation, they are in reality only 13% of developers to be really self-taught. It is assumed that the others have therefore followed training or certifications, and have perfected themselves thereafter.

JavaScript and SQL, the most popular technologies

Unsurprisingly, and as in previous years, JavaScript and SQL / SQL Server technologies are the most popular among respondents (respectively used by 55.4% and 49.1% of respondents). On the other hand, they fear having to work on Visual Basic (79.5%), WordPress (74.3%) and Matlab (72.8%).

Asked about the technology they do not use yet, and on which they would like to work, 15.8% cite Android, 14.8% mention Node.js.

It should be noted that in the United States, it is the developers Spark and Scala who are the best paid (125,000 dollars a year on average).

63.1% of developers listening to new opportunities

A large majority of respondents are employed full time (67.8% of them are employees, 7.1% are freelancers, and 4.3% are self-employed).

They are 14.8% to say that they are actively looking for a job. More interestingly, 63.1% of them listen to new opportunities, without necessarily actively looking for a job. We also learn from the study that it is by recommendation that they most often find a job (28.3%).

It is the designers and executives who are the most loyal to their current employer: 49.4% and 45.5% respectively say that they are not looking for a new job.

It should be noted that it is the developers hired in gaming companies who are the most satisfied with their current work (43.5%), as well as those who work in the Internet (38.6%) and in education ( 38.4%).


Salary, the main criterion for evaluating a professional opportunity

62.7% of respondents say they look first at the proposed salary level to assess a professional opportunity. The work-life balance comes in second (50.4% of respondents). They are also sensitive to the corporate culture (41.8%) and to the quality of exchanges with their colleagues (39.9%).

The higher the average salary, the more importance developers place on other aspects of their job. It is in Finland and Sweden that developers are least sensitive to salary. Conversely, it is in Ukraine and Poland that salary is most important (for 70-75% of respondents). In France, 55% of respondents place it as a priority.

70.1% of the developers questioned wish to learn to use new technologies in their position, 64.3% wish to participate in an innovative project. They are only 30.1% to be sensitive to the possibility of professional development.

Developers earn twice as much in the United States as in France

In France, the average developer salary is 46,994 euros ($ 52,948), compared to 47,590 euros ($ 53,630) in Germany, and 67,158 euros ($ 75,654) in the United Kingdom. In the United States, they earn $ 106,120 on average.

Unsurprisingly, full-time employed developers make the most of their living.


** Methodology: every year, Stack Overflow questions its community. This year, 56,033 developers responded to its survey, across 173 countries. 13,540 respondents in the United States, 1,626 people were interviewed in France. 28% of respondents are full-stack developers, 12.2% are back-end developers, and 11.4% are students.
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