Henri Verdier, director of Etalab, new “chief data officer” of France

by bold-lichterman

The prerogatives of this new position would be extended

Marylise Lebranchu, Minister of Decentralization, State Reform, and Public Service, today announces the creation of a post of chief data officer – officially “general data administrator” – with particularly extensive prerogatives. In its press release, the ministry specifies that it will be “authorized to know the data held by the State administration and its operators [… et] will have for mission: to organize a better circulation of data in the economy as within the administration, in the respect of the private life and the various legal secrets; to ensure the production or acquisition of essential data, to launch experiments to inform public decision-making; to disseminate tools, methods and data culture within administrations and in the service of their respective objectives ”.

Axelle Lemaire had also announced in early May before the National Digital Council its support for such an initiative, initially proposed by Tariq Krim, the vice-president of the organization. The Secretary of State in charge of the Digital Economy also confirmed this Wednesday the information – the creation of the post – on her Twitter account.

“Public data are all resources for finding smart economies, improving the efficiency of public policies and developing better services for our fellow citizens,” explains Mr. Lebranchu. According to LeLab of Europe1, Henri Verdier, the director of Etalab, the mission responsible for opening up public data, would have been chosen to occupy the position. Frenchweb interviewed him on April 29 during the annual Acsel ceremony, the Digital Economy Association, after Etalab won the “public service award” that evening.