Hellocare wants to bring the medical monitoring of patients to the digital age

by bold-lichterman

The future of patient medical monitoring is through video and artificial intelligence to Hellocare. Founded in July in 2016 by Mathilde le Rouzic and William Benichou, the French start-up is developing a medical consultation application available on mobile and tablet. From this, the patient can contact a doctor between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., 7 days a week, in order to receive immediate medical advice on video. “We position ourselves in addition to appointments in medical offices», Specifies Mathilde le Rouzic, co-founder of Hellocare.

Since its launch in January 2017, Hellocare has claimed 3,500 users and 50 online consultations per week. The start-up has set itself the goal of reaching 15,000 online consultations by the end of the year. In 2018, the company intends to increase this figure to 250,000.

“France is very late”

In addition to video calls to get a medical opinion in less than 15 minutes, Hellocare is also working on artificial intelligence to do symptom analysis and diagnostic aid for doctors. The start-up also wants to design a virtual health record for “allow everyone to have their entire health history in their mobile phone», Indicates Mathilde le Rouzic. Hellocare is following in the footsteps of Briton Babylon Health, which is also developing an online medical consultation mobile application. The latter is currently testing a medical chatbot and plans to deploy an artificial intelligence diagnostic offer during the year.

Hellocare is part of the wave of French start-ups, such as Doctolib, Honestica or Healthcare, which want to ensure the digital transformation of the medical system. “In France, we are far behind in e-health compared to other countries, especially the United States», Mathilde le Rouzic analyzes, on the occasion of the Leade.rs conference, which was held in Paris at the beginning of April.

Founders: Mathilde de Rouzic and William Benichou

Launch: july 2016

The head office : La Ciotat

Activity: video medical consultation mobile application

Funding: 1 million euros in March 2017

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