Headstart wants to know the candidates better to match them with the best company

by bold-lichterman

Better analyze candidates to find them the job of their dreams, this is the challenge that Headstart. Launched in 2015 by Jeremy Hindle and Nicholas Shekerdemian, the London star-up began with the realization that recruiting for companies, whether large or small, could be extremely expensive. In addition, recruiters most of the time work with very little information about candidates.

To remedy this problem, Headstart uses predictive algorithms to bring job seekers closer to companies. Based on information gathered from large and small businesses, the company tries to match better candidates. For each company, Headstart must analyze thousands of employee data to determine the characteristics of the internal culture and the technical requirements of the company.

Go beyond the CV

At the same time, the English company seeks to promote candidates, who simply have to fill out a form on the platform. From the elements provided by the candidates, Headstart tries to establish whether they correspond to the technical expertise of the position and the culture of the company. “Companies always use basic criteria: qualifications, degrees, university. These are not the things that determine whether someone can make a trade. This is part of the picture, not the whole picture», Explains Nicholas Shekerdemian to TechCrunch.

Through its system, Headstart intends to go beyond the sole framework of the CV to highlight the interests, skills and personality of candidates. At the same time, the start-up seeks to understand the culture of companies to determine the profiles that could fit into a particular environment.

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