Hailo Cab: will English taxis land in Paris?

by bold-lichterman

It is one of the most important fundraisers in Europe in 2012: Hailo Cab , the application that allows you to find a taxi quickly, completed a round of 17 million dollars last March. Available on iPhone and Android, the application indicates the number of taxis available via geolocation, which the user can then book in a few minutes.

Hailo Cab, which was born in London, is currently available in Dublin, it is also operational in Toronto, New York, Boston, and Chicago. But fundraising from Accel Partners, Atomico and Wellington Partners may presage a more active deployment on the old continent.

All the more so since the passenger transport market is still a market with few players: Uber, the private chauffeur service, is gaining popularity in Europe, Private driver is developing in Paris and GetTaxi, the “matching” between taxi and smartnauts is also starting to appeal.

Hailo Cab, which deducts a percentage from trips made by licensed taxis, has to deal with the complex taxi regulation market in Paris: In 2010, 16,623 licenses were used in the capital, to which are added 1,300 ” equivalent taxis ”, ie a total of 19,023 taxis are available to Parisians. A tempting potential but under certain constraints …

Interview in English with Jay Bregman, co-founder of Hailo Cab (by Marion Moreau)