[Habitat connecté] Intent Technologies raises 1 million euros

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2011 and based in Lille, Intent Technologies is a supplier of a digital service infrastructure for connected objects in homes and buildings. Clearly, the company markets an open source platform, in the form of a store, to transform information into services on web, mobile, tablet and TV applications. A network of sensors, linked to “boxes”, and coupled to the software infrastructure intent-technologiestherefore allows all the inhabitants or professionals of a building to consult information in real time from any location.

Among the concrete applications of this platform: a predictive service for controlling energy consumption and a geolocated real-time alert system for building equipment malfunctions (ventilation, heating, access controls, elevators, etc.). Intent Technologies, which primarily targets residential property managers and social landlords, has obtained JEI status.

The company raises 1 million euros from XAnge Private Equity and IRD (700 k € and 300 k €).