[Guide] How to take advantage of the instore and outstore use of tablets?

by bold-lichterman

The tablet can be a real lever for brands, both in-store and outside points of sale. From this statement, Dagobert agency book, through a richly illustrated presentation, some ways to take advantage of the advantages of this medium. Back to the main key points of this inventory.

Thanks to tablets, brands can truly support consumers in stores, in particular through three approaches:

  • Discovery : in particular by making users discover the products via demonstration videos or complete sheets. A device that also allows professionals to collect customer opinions through an interactive survey system.
  • The choice : the tablet can, in fact, replace or complete the role of a seller, while leaving the customer autonomous. The support also helps strengthen the sales discourse of salespeople by providing them with a wealth of information.
  • The purchase: the tablet can finally facilitate the act of purchase, for example by offering systems of reservations, quick checkouts or even online payments.

In a second part, the digital communication agency also highlights the role of tablets outside points of sale. Indeed, mobile, personal and family, tablets constitute a medium that appeals to many targets, enough to offer a range of possibilities for brands. Here are 5 key approaches:

  • Reproduce the instore experience.
  • Build an online sales strategy by integrating social shopping functions in particular.
  • Encourage purchase through play.
  • Extend the product experience to give another dimension to a brand’s products and services.
  • Positioning itself as a service brand by being present in the minds of its customers every day.