Grenoble hosted Transfo, the 1st 100% alpine digital festival, open and collaborative

by bold-lichterman

It was a first: from January 18 to 24, 2018, the Transfo festival took place,
a large-scale societal event of more than 100 events organized by the Alpine digital ecosystem.

Initiated by the French Tech in the Alps – Grenoble cooperative, Transfo has two ambitions: to help the public understand the changes linked to digital technology in a logic of positive emancipation, and to highlight the many assets of the Alpine furrow at national and international. This 1st edition brought together more than 6,800 visitors, a result which encourages French Tech in the Alps-Grenoble to repeat the adventure next year!

Grenoble: an innovative, creative and legitimate land for a festival dedicated to digital transformation

Grenoble, a metropolis with the French Tech label, supports a social and solidarity economy. Thus, Transfo is a collaborative event that calls on the multiple resources and digital nuggets of the territory. The Alpine digital ecosystem is very dense: it has nearly 900 players, including more than 500 companies, and generates 40,000 jobs (in Grenoble, 25% of jobs are in digital, while the national average is 8% * ) Its specificity: it covers the entire industry, from chip manufacturing to software and application design.

A cooperative spirit to allow everyone to be digital players

The programming was built on the basis of a call for participation.
of the festival. Over 100 events were planned, each of them being proposed, organized and financed by businesses, communities, sports clubs, associations, cultural facilities, universities, schools … This strong mobilization reflects a common desire: that of sharing, understanding and bringing to life digital transformation to everyone.

A large number of subjects related to digital uses were discussed such as housing, agriculture, entrepreneurship, sport, the industrial world, the mountains, health, commerce and training. Through this festival, the whole diversity of society is represented.

Events calendar:

As a privileged partner of the Salon Des Entrepreneurs in Paris, the Grenoble start-up Wizbii is organizing a major conference on February 7, 2018 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The theme ? Fundraising – how to convince an investor. To do this, what could be better than having the experience of 4 successful entrepreneurs? The founders of Birchbox, Alan, Payfit and Wizbii will be present to talk about their experience. Olivier Heckmann will also take part in the exchange to bring his vision to investors. Déborah Donnier, Frenchweb correspondent from Grenoble, will be there to punctuate the debate.


Create, manage and grow your communities, a workshop Workshop proposed by Mathieu Genty, founder of Co Work in Grenoble, February 6


Invest in Grenoble – Alps is organizing a Business afterwork on February 6 for expatriates living in Grenoble or French people with international knowledge. The goal: to share its vision of Grenoble, expand its network and generate business opportunities.

Also on February 6, Pépite oZer is organizing a free network aperitif open to all upon registration, with the testimony of Yann d’Ascoli, founder of Crétin des alpes.

The 1-minute Pitches of Student Entrepreneurs will follow, and of course an aperitif behind


La Pousada is organizing collective information on business incubators on February 15.

Are you setting up your own business or an association carrying out an economic activity?
Are you looking for premises in or around Grenoble? (offices, workshops, storage, shops)
Are you looking for help, support, advice to get off to a good start and develop your business?

Launch of “Mon coach Bescherelle” (CP en PJ) with Hatier and the startup Novascrib matured and incubated at Linksium

Workshop to boost the writing skills of your employees

Participatory workshop led by Mélanie Vienot and Virginie Kaufmann,

  • February 28 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
  • Location: Linksium
  • Registration on the site

The correspondant:


Deborah Donnier is an experienced entrepreneur: WordPress developer but also interviewer. It supports individuals and professionals in enhancing their digital presence. She founded ddesign, specializing in the development of WordPress sites and Think WP documentary aimed at raising awareness of the WordPress community. You can find it on his site or of course Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook!

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Mary Grammont has many hats: Independent consultant in Press Relations (Daily RP), she also co-founded Com’Un Lundi, a media outlet for the media, as well as the Lesmondaines blog, Grenoble city-guide.