GoPro acquires the video editing app “Replay” from French start-up Stupeflix

by bold-lichterman

After the manufacture of cameras, focus on services. GoPro announces the acquisition of two mobile applications dedicated to video editing which are intended to reach the millions of owners of the brand’s cameras. The amount of these acquisitions has not been communicated.

A French start-up

Developed by the French start-up Stupeflix, “Replay»Proposes to make a video montage in a few clicks. To do this, the user selects several video and photo clips in the gallery of his smartphone, then adds text, graphic effects, image transitions or even music from those offered in a library available for free or from his own songs. . Up to 200 videos or photos can be embedded. On its iTunes Store page, the application claims a community of 10 million users.

GoPro also acquired the “Splice“. Developed by Vemory, a company based in Texas, this application also allows you to edit videos manually: cutaways, music, text, adding visual effects …

Speed ​​up in software

“Splice, Replay and GoPro combine to deliver what we believe is the fastest, most enjoyable mobile editing experience. We believe that the accessibility, speed and efficiency of mobile will make it the predominant publishing platform of the future, ”said Nicholas Woodman, CEO of GoPro. Other players are positioning themselves in this assembly applications market. This is for example the case of the French start-up Actvt, which also includes a social sharing network, and which raised 1 million euros in January.

The stakes are high for GoPro. The company indeed posted a turnover down 31.1% in the fourth quarter of 2015, to 436.6 million dollars, for a loss of 34.4 million dollars, while the company was profit a year earlier at the same time. The sports camera manufacturer then recognized the need to develop new solutions, particularly in the area of ​​software. It is about going beyond the sale of products and developing new sources of income.