Google wants to rethink the organization of e-mails with the “Inbox” application

by bold-lichterman

Google has just launched a new e-mail management application. Called Inbox, it should evolve the model of Gmail, without this being a new Gmail. “For many of us, dealing with email has become a daily chore that distracts us from what we really need to do, rather than helping us get those things done,” said Sundar Pichai, vice president of Android, Chrome and applications.

The service uses the concept of automatic categorization introduced in Gmail last year. The invoices will therefore be separated from advertising e-mails or newsletters. However, it is possible to select the e-mails that the user wishes to see grouped in the same category. Beyond the inbox, Inbox highlights important information in the content of the message (flight itinerary, information on an event, etc.) and is likely to enrich them by integrating other data available on the Web (status real-time theft or parcel delivery, etc.).

Enriched information

The application also leaves the possibility of adding reminders or tasks with an automatic assistance tool. “For example, if you write a reminder to call the hardware store, the inbox will provide the store’s phone number and tell you if it’s open,” they explain. Finally, Inbox also introduces a “snooze” function so that a message or a reminder goes back to the mailbox later, at a specific time or a given place.

A host of other competing applications, which attempt to rethink email management, are available. For example, it is possible to quote Accomplished or again, in a logic of collaborative work in a company, in particular for the purpose of customer relationship management, the start-up founded by a French woman Mailcloud which recently raised $ 2.5 million.