Google wants to deploy 180 satellites to connect unserved areas to the Internet

by bold-lichterman

Google plans to spend between $ 1 billion and $ 3 billion to install a fleet of satellites aimed at connecting all regions of the world, says the Wall Street Journal. This would initially consist of 180 small satellites for a low altitude, but the fleet could double if the first expected results are there.

While the exact details of the project are not yet known, Greg Wyler is believed to be leading this assignment. The latter is the founder of O3b Networks, a start-up based in Jersey, the Channel Islands, and The Hague., in the Netherlands, specializing in the manufacture of satellite for connection to the Internet, which has previously worked with Google. Engineers from various companies were also reportedly recruited.

This initiative would complement the Project Loon which aims to connect regions to the Internet by means of high altitude balloons. Last April, Google acquired Titan Aerospace, a maker of solar-powered drones to speed up.

But the Mountain View firm is not alone in this area. Last March, Facebook also presented a more or less similar project, In France, the start-up NovaNavo has embarked on the adventure with the manufacture of dedicated satellites at lower costs. A first launch took place in April 2013. Its founders, Spas Balinov and Stanislas Ostoja, two former students of Insa in Lyon, were rewarded during the competition for 10 French innovators under 35 from MIT Technology Review.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos