Google TV decryption

by bold-lichterman

The Google tv landed in France, it is now marketed for 200 euros. But those who were waiting for the small revolution of social TV risk being left hungry: despite partnerships with French publishers (, Qooq, 20 Minutes, France 24…), Google TV has not concluded agreement with the major audiovisual channels.

Already launched in the USA and recently in the UK, the Google “box” has undergone some changes. Overall, it allows you to connect your television to the internet, via the Android operating system.

Google TV decryption

We obviously find the Google galaxy there with YouTube, Google Play and native Google applications optimized for the screen size. The remote control is also designed to navigate differently, equipped with an azerty keyboard and a tactile palette. What can be highlighted is the marketing dimension of Google, which offers its advertisers the possibility of a new communication interface, but here too, the proof of its effectiveness remains to be demonstrated.

The opinion ofOlivier Ezratty, high-tech specialist and FrenchWeb expert :

If Google TV has improved a lot in its new version, and in particular in its user interface, it only has TV in name. Indeed, the solution does not enrich the consumption of television channels at all: whether it is direct or delayed. However, more than 90% of the time spent on television screens passes through there in France! Google TV is currently an enlarged version of Android for the television screen used to consume applications, view websites and content on demand. It is also curious that Google TV does not integrate the social dimension of the television experience. Would Google be out of innovation?

Report in the Sony France showroom: