Google tries to compete with Siri with Google Voice Search

by bold-lichterman

Would Siri now have a strong competitor? The Mountain View firm recently update its application Google search, where the emphasis was in particular on voice control.

Improved, it now allows you to ask all kinds of questions orally and to get precise answers also orally. Note, however, that this last option is currently only available on the American version. Thus, the application automatically answers the question, for example “What time is it” and shows you a series of images of New York when you ask it “Show me pics of New York”.

However, when the user queries Google Search via his voice command in French, he only gets a response page of results from links from the search engine. In addition, the application still has some shortcomings by sometimes falsifying the translations of the questions asked. For example, when asked in French about Hurricane Sandy, the application refers to the day “Saturday”.

Google Search nevertheless has the advantage of transcribing in real time the question you have just asked it. One way to automatically check if the application has correctly entered the request in question.

Download the app here.