Google should launch Google Fit to collect and centralize health data

by bold-lichterman

Google is planning to launch Google Fit, a service that collects all data from sports and health-related applications, says the magazine Forbes which specifies that the announcement could be formalized at the end of June during the Google I / O conference. Agreements could also be made with manufacturers of connected objects dedicated to health to measure, for example, heart rate.

This announcement comes after that of Apple which, during its Keynote, announced the arrival of HealthKit which allows application developers the possibility of sharing the recorded data – provided that the end user accepts in their configuration preferences. – so that mobile users can centralize them in a single “place”.

But if the health market is attracting more and more Apple and Google, it is nevertheless subject to the regulations in force, whether it is the FDA in the United States or the CNIL in France. And questions are already being asked by the institutions concerned: will the data relating to health be resold? Insurers could be the first interested in order to use them to refine their statistics. And adapt their pricing policy? In France, Axa is offering Withings connected bracelets this month to several of its customers. The data collected will of course be shared with the French insurer. Those who take more than 7,000 steps per day are awarded “health checks”.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos