Google reportedly paid Apple $ 1 billion to be installed by default on iPhone

by bold-lichterman

Google would have paid $ 1 billion in 2014 to Apple to have its search engine be the one used by default in the iPhone search bar, report Bloomberg. The Mountain View giant has in fact entered into a partnership with the firm at the apple in the context of which it pays it a percentage of the income it generates from Apple phones.

The stakes are high for Google as mobile Internet traffic has skyrocketed in recent years. With Android, the group held 82.8% of the mobile operating systems market in the second quarter of 2015, according to the IDC firm. Enough to offer a large base for the mobile version of its search engine. Adding the 13.9% of iOS, the two systems represent 96.7% of the market.

In itself, such an agreement is not new. For several years, Mozilla had a partnership with Google which wanted to be the default search engine on the foundation’s browser. Established in 2004, it ended in 2014.

In addition, in addition to this agreement, Google has strengthened its mobile strategy in recent months to make its engine more suited to new uses. In April 2015, the main search engine operated its “mobilegeddon”, that is to say an update of its algorithm whose purpose is to promote the referencing of sites which have an optimized version for reading on mobile. And in November, he announced that mobile sites displaying “app-instal” advertisements (which invite to download the site’s application) too large would be considered less “mobile-friendly” by its algorithm.