Google looks soft at French insurers to sell its connected objects from the “smart home”

by bold-lichterman

  • Google wants to work with French insurers to promote Nest smart objects, including thermostats and smoke detectors.
  • Nest has been marketing its products in France since September 2014.
  • The American company was acquired by Google in 2014 for $ 3.2 billion.
  • 17% of insurers have already launched or are about to launch products and services that use “smart home” technology.

Google France is looking to establish partnerships between insurance companies and most of its services, according to Business Insider, Nest would be in difficulty this year, while the Google subsidiary recently transferred its developers to a new group under the aegis of the parent company Alphabet. This impasse could therefore encourage Google to look for new ways to sell its “smart home” products, in particular through insurers.

REVIEW the interview with Nick Leeder, CEO of Google France, conducted by Frenchweb in May 2016:

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