Google launches Insights, a measurement tool for Google+

by bold-lichterman

Google launches today Insights, its statistical analysis tool for Google+. Accessible via the social network dashboard, the Mountain View firm hopes to provide a tool similar to Google Analytics for its social network. This was strongly requested by community managers. The latter will then be able to obtain data allowing them to optimize their publication and better measure the trends of the platform.

  • the visibility : real-time calculation of the total number of views, per post and per photo, and the most popular pages
  • engagement : measures the engagement rate by content. For example, it becomes possible to measure the average number of actions per page.
  • audience : quantitative and qualitative measurement of the audience

Insights Reports is also available on Google My Business, an Android CRM management application also launched today and soon available in iOS.

Mobile insights reports
Source: Eddie Kesler via Google+