Google launches Google One Pass, its micropayment platform for publishers

by bold-lichterman

One day after Apple announced the pricing conditions for its new online media content subscription service via the App Store, Eric Schmidt today announced in Berlin the launch of the platform in 7 countries including France. Google One Pass.

It allows publishers to market their digital content from their websites or applications.

Google launches Google One Pass its micropayment platform for publishersAccording to Philippe Colombet, Director of Google News / Google France: “The technological tool is provided free of charge to the publisher and when there is a transaction – a subscription or a fee-for-service payment – the publisher receives the vast majority of income on each transaction, approximately 90% ”.

Google denies making this announcement in reaction to that of Apple yesterday and clearly scores points with an expected commission of 10% against the exorbitant 30% of the App Store. In his official press release, the company maliciously notes that it has developed Google One Pass to help publishers and journalists publish their content in the economical form they want.

Among the platform’s first partners: Le Nouvel Observateur, Axel Springer in Germany, Prisa in Spain and Rust Communications in the United States.

Google One Pass is available today in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Canada and USA.