Google invests 80 million in MapR and buys Songza

by bold-lichterman

Google believes in big data and in personalized music suggestion. In any case, this is what suggests two recent investments made by the Internet giant.

  • On the one hand, it has just invested $ 80 million in MapR. This editor markets software backed by the Apache Hadoop Open source project. Around 500 companies use his license in fields as diverse as finance, healthcare, media, commerce, telecommunications and Web 2.0 businesses. This company just raised $ 110 million in total.

  • On the other hand, Google will be able to strengthen its music services. The American firm has just acquired Songza, a custom music streaming application. The amount of the transaction has not been made public, but the American press mentions $ 15 million.

This application created in 2010 claims 5.5million users. Spotify counts 40 million, as does Apple’s iTunes radio. But what seems to interest Google above all is not the audience but the technical ability of Songza to sort content according to the context, activity, tastes, habits and mood of users. A capacity that does not currently exist within the Google Play Music service. All the data accumulated on user preferences based on context, time of day, could be of great interest to the Mountain View-based company.


In a press release, Google has also indicated that it intends to enrich the services it offers – and in particular YouTube – thanks to this acquisition. Songza’s chief executive, Elias Roman, has indicated that its technology can be used by Google to target advertisements, or movie or book recommendations.

This takeover is also a new pawn advanced by Google against Apple, while the latter has took possession of Beats Electronics a few weeks ago.