Google I / O: what has not been announced …

by bold-lichterman

Not a word said on Google Glass, nor on new versions of Android. Nothing on Google TV either. Update on announcements and non-announcements.

What was not announced by Google:

  • We expected news of a 4.3 version of Android, while rumors about ongoing projects are rife at the moment … In previous years, the conference focused on technological advances related to different OS: Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie for example, which is not currently the subject of any specific communication.
  • Radio silence on the tablet Nexus 7, and new generation of Google mini-tablets.
  • While the device Nexus Q was announced last year, this device design is not the subject of any announcement. As a reminder, this device, controlled by a smartphone connected to the Wi-Fi network, can broadcast content from Google and Google Play, it was sold for US $ 300. But the project seems abandoned …


Yesterday, no announcement either concerning the “smart watch”, nor on Google TV, which exists well, but is badly imposed.
While the media have massively relayed connected glasses projects Google Glass, the conference will not reproduce this year the buzz of 2012. The word “Google Glass” was not even mentioned once yesterday …

What was announced by Google:

  • A Samsung galaxy s4 under “pure” Android on sale on the Google Play Store. Confirming the rumors, Google yesterday unveiled this mobile which will be distributed from June 26 in the United States. This version, without Samsung’s “TouchWiz” overlay, will be equipped with a bare version of Android 4.1.2 and the main Google services. Equipped with the same technical characteristics as the original version, this model will be delivered without operator lock.
  • A music streaming service named Google Play Music All Access (what a name!), available in the US from $ 9.99 per month. With agreements with Universal Music, Sony and Warner Music Group, Google thus competes with Spotify, Deezer and Pandora. Like these services, Play Music All Access allows the creation of playlist and radio, to receive recommendations or to store your personal disco.
  • A redesign of Google +, with unified messaging, called Hangouts, which will replace Google Talk. Available on Web, Android and iOS, it integrates the features of Hangout, Google’s video conferencing service, as well as an instant messaging system similar to WhatsApp. Finally, a lot of work has been done on the management of photos, Google + is now able to automatically modify the white balance and the contrasts or to bring out the most aesthetic photos (vanishing lines, framing …) or the most symbolic (famous monuments or landscapes).
  • Already unveiled yesterday, the redesign of the interface of Google maps has been confirmed. The Mountain View firm’s mapping service will now be more personalized, for example offering routes based on the user’s profile. Street View will also have enriched content, with, for example, the possibility of viewing inside shops and monuments.


Other new features, such as a voice command for Google Search or the online game service Google Play Games, have also been confirmed. Developers will also benefit from a new development environment called Android Studio, allowing real-time simulations or automatic translation of an application. APIs were also unveiled:

  • Fused Location Provider, a more precise geolocation mode that integrates Wi-Fi and GPS data and whose consumption should not exceed 1% battery per hour.
  • Geoforcing, API allowing the activation of contextualized functionalities according to the location of the user.
  • Activity Recognition, which should make it possible to recognize in real time the mode of movement of a user.