Google has bought the Rennes start-up FlexyCore

by bold-lichterman

After the purchase of the French Sparrow in 2012 for 25 million dollars, Google bought the Breton start-up FlexyCore for 16.9 million euros.

Google bought the French startup FlexyCore for 16.9 million euros, according to information from the Expansion confirmed by a Google spokesperson. The cession took place on October 2.

Founded in 2008 by Gilbert Cabillic who cut his teeth at Inria (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation) and at Texas Instruments as director of the R&D department, the Rennes-based company specializes in publishing and the development of software systems for smartphones, in particular the development of applications using Java technology.

Among its products are iSpectrum, a software development kit running on Java for iPhone, or DroidBooster, its equivalent for Android. The technologies developed by FlexyCore – protected by patents – notably make it possible to speed up tasks performed on a mobile terminal.

The company had raised 1.5 million euros in 2009 from private investors and recorded a turnover of 361,200 euros in 2012 against 7,300 euros the previous year.