Google Glasses: discover 5 applications

by bold-lichterman

While some experts fear the arrival on the market of Google Glasses for privacy protection reasons, some web players have not hesitated to quickly develop applications dedicated to the new device, still in alpha version, from Google. Editorial selection.

The New York Times app

Even before Twitter and Facebook, the daily was one of the first players to develop an official application dedicated to the most fashionable new glasses. The application notably offers an alert per hour with an overview of the latest news. This gives users the opportunity to view the latest published articles at the bottom of their field of vision. A feature also allows you to listen to a summary of information. However, some regret the absence of a share button or the possibility of applying a filter in order to personalize your information flow. An option which, on the other hand, has not been omitted by the CNN channel, also already present on Google Glass.

Tesla’s app

The electric sports car manufacturer Tesla Motors now has its application on Google’s new gadget. The application, simply called Glass Tesla, allows you to check the battery charge, find your car, open the trunk and doors, obtain certain directions or even honk your horn and turn on your lights … You still need to own a Tesla vehicle AND Google Glasses to be able to use all of these features.

The application of Fancy

The application offers to take a picture via Google Glasses of an object from your home. Fancy then offers the user to discover on the platform all the products whose colors could correspond to the object or the initial frame. The demonstration video features a person taking a picture of their kitchen. The Fancy application then offers him a selection of 20 products, such as storage drawers, shutters, rugs and even wallpaper. The Google Glasses user can then save these items or directly buy them. The “must” would have been to be able to afford the products in question at the blink of an eye!

The Winky app

Developed by Mike DiGiovanni, the Winky application allows you to take a photo by winking an eye. A feature which, according to its creator, is based on a native application capable of differentiating a blink of an eye from a simple flicker of the eyelids. The application, the source code of which has been published on GitHub, has not yet been officially recognized by Google.

The Glassagram app

Contrary to what his name might suggest, Glassagram app was not developed by Instagram. However, the spirit remains the same. The application allows, in fact, Google Glasses wearers to take a picture of what they have in front of their eyes and very simply apply various filters.


Photo credit: TED.