Google Glass Hackathon: “Some participants did not know the interface at all”

by bold-lichterman

One of the first hackathons took place last week. Objective: develop 5 innovative apps in just 36 hours

30 participants gathered in Paris to take up the challenge: to develop 5 innovative applications on this new medium, in just 36 hours. The organizing team of the Hackathon, organized by the collective Glass Camp:

Frenchweb: You organized the first European Hackathon in 2014 on Google Glass, how did the event go? What is your record in figures?

Josse Blais, Yann Tolila and David-Henri Bismuth: The event went very well, it was very intense but the teams and Google Glass were there 🙂 The participants were from various backgrounds: students (one student from the Web School Factory in each team), freelance, employees … We had participants from 20 to 54 years old, both extremes in the same team!

What types of applications were developed during these 36 hours? What is the result ?

The team: During this marathon, the teams developed applications for users of Vélib‘, to control his alcohol consumption in the evening, to control the devices in his home etc. The result is impressive: all the applications worked, the winner can be used today in the city of Paris. Knowing that they did not know the interface at all (some were testing it for the first time) this suggests a huge potential for the next Hackathons.

The creators of the Paris Hacktathon
The creators of the Paris Hacktathon

What is the stake of Google Glass in the digital landscape in France? What is the main benefit for businesses and schools?

The team: In our opinion, Google Glass is the digital interface of tomorrow and will revolutionize our relationship with technologies both in digital uses and in our interactions with the outside world. The main benefit is to bring the power of digital not to wear a finger but to bring the voice and the eye. You can already take a picture by blinking your eyes!

We talk a lot about barriers to notions of privacy related to the use of Google Glass. What do you think ?

The team: We often take Google for Big Brother with its Google Glass. However, each pair is connected to a Google account and all the data is linked to this account, just as your smartphone is today. Your photos and your exchanges therefore remain private. There is no difference with a smartphone at this level. However, that does not mean that we should not remain vigilant with the notion of privacy.

After deliberation by the jury, the BikeFinder application won the Hackathon. It allows you to find the nearest Vélib ‘station directly from your Google Glass, an optimal route, or to report a bike in poor condition. Demonstration