Google, future competitor of Spotify and Deezer?

by bold-lichterman

According to the Financial Times, Google is in discussions with the majors to launch its own streaming music listening service, thus competing with Spotify or the French Deezer.

googlem headband

Like the latter, a premium subscription service providing unlimited access to a database would be launched, without however specifying a date. The American giant would thus seek to diversify its sources of income and free itself from advertising which currently represents 95% of its turnover according to the british daily, which however notes the interest of such a company in collecting information for advertisers …

A way also to get ahead of Apple in this sector, after the delay taken by Google music facing iTunes in the area of ​​online music stores. The service would eventually be integrated into its Android OS and the products in its Nexus range.

In addition, Youtube would try to recover licenses and negotiate with content providers in order to offer a paid service.

Google’s interest in the online music industry is not new. As a reminder, Google had acquired in April 2011 the Canadian PushLife, whose technology allows you to transfer an iTunes or Windows Media Player library to Android and Blackberry smartphones.