Google drops $ 10 billion mega-contract with Pentagon

by bold-lichterman

Google has given up on a massive US Department of Defense online data storage contract worth up to $ 10 billion, saying it may be at odds with its “principles” in this area. artificial intelligence. “We will not be submitting a proposal for the JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) contract, firstly because we have not been assured that it will comply with our principles regarding artificial intelligence.“Google said in a statement sent to theAFP.

In June, Google CEO Sundar Pichai presented a set of principles supposed to guide the development and use of artificial intelligence by the group, a subsidiary of the Alphabet holding company. The Mountain View (California) giant thus intended not to get involved in “technologies which are or could be harmful” and “weapons or other technologies whose main purpose or implementation would cause or facilitate the attack. physical to people ”. Another reason given on Tuesday to renounce the contract: “We determined that parts of the contract were beyond the scope of our government certification“, Specified the Californian group.

The JEDI contract will be awarded to a single provider

The announcement came a few hours after the revelation of the existence of a security breach that exposed, for three years, the personal data of 500,000 accounts of Google’s social network, Google+, before being discovered in March. latest. Google’s decision leaves the field open to its competitors, notably Amazon, already very well positioned in the online data storage sector, but also Microsoft and Oracle.

To facilitate the deployment of a new storage architecture, the Ministry of Defense decided to award the entire contract to a single service provider, rather than splitting it into several calls for tenders. “If the JEDI contract had been split, we would have submitted convincing proposals for some portionsGoogle explained in its statement. “Google Cloud believes that a multi-cloud (multiple vendor) approach is in the best interest of government agencies.