Google Domains finally accessible in France

by bold-lichterman

It took more than three years for Google to decide to offer Google Domains in France. Launched in 2014 across the Atlantic, this service allows, as its name suggests, the purchase of domain names. Since the creation of the service, Google indicates that 1.8 million domain names have been registered on its platform.

From 9 euros per year, the tool allows you to reserve an available domain name to establish your business online. If the entry price is attractive, it can obviously quickly rise depending on the domain name chosen. Some names in fact cost several hundred euros a year. In addition to reserving domain names, Google Domains is also able to ensure the transfer of domain names as well as the creation of dedicated email addresses.

The .fr not available for launch in France

In total, the Mountain View firm offers no less than 225 extensions with Google Domains, including generic domains such as .com, .org or even .net. However, and this is perhaps the big brick for the launch of the service in France, it is not possible to buy a .fr domain name.

However, French Internet users can rest assured, they are not the only ones to suffer from this situation. Belgians (.be), Swiss (.ch) or even Luxembourgers (.lu) do not have the possibility to reserve a domain name reminding their attachment to their country. They will therefore have to be patient in order to benefit from a localized extension… or call on another registrar, such as OVH or Gandi.