Google and its services victims of a global blackout

by bold-lichterman

Internet users around the world struggled on Monday to connect to Google services such as Gmail or YouTube, affected by a massive outage, being resolved around 12:30 GMT according to the American giant. The outage began to be reported by Internet users from several large geographical areas around 11:50 GMT, according to the specialist site Downdetector, while messages stamped #GoogleDown multiplied, on Twitter in particular.

Google then indicated on its dashboard accessible online that all its services were concerned and this, to “The majority of users”. At 12:31 GMT however, the American giant reported that its services had already been restored for ” some users ” and “The problem should soon be resolved for all users”. All major Google services seem to have been affected, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube.

The outage did not appear to be total, however, because some Google users were able to access certain services even at the height of the outage. In addition to its famous search engine, Google offers a multitude of services, ranging from messaging to video sharing, maps and maps, storage of photos or documents, games, etc.