Google + Alibaba + Vincent Guesdon = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • Cloud: Google buys Qwiklabs to educate developers.
  • Alibaba opens its first European data center in Germany.
  • In France, the crowdfunding market increased by 318% between 2013 and 2015.
  • Social media and journalism: Sweden and Finland champions, France slightly behind.
  • The Air Force chooses Havas Paris to manage its communication.
  • Hyundai uses Spirent’s solution for its Ethernet system.
  • The nominations: Anne-Sophie Flageul, Vincent Guesdon…
  • Online workshop: Smart Insight: the marketing platform that makes customer data speak.
    December 13, 11 a.m. with Emarsys.

headbandCloudGoogle has just concluded the takeover of the start-up Qwiklabs, specializing in cloud services training. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. Founded in 2012 by Enis Konuk and Jitesh Shetty, Qwiklabs is developing a platform that offers self-training workshops for developers who want to familiarize themselves with cloud environments. According to the start-up, more than 500,000 people have collectively spent 5 million hours of training on the platform.

This acquisition comes in the wake of the announcement of a partnership between Google and Intel. The latter aims to accelerate the adoption of the cloud in the enterprise.

terry-von-bibraAfter Microsoft or IBM, it’s the turn ofAli Baba to announce the opening of its first data center in Europe, for its cloud computing branch. The Chinese e-commerce giant has entered into a partnership with Vodafone to locate its data center installed within its infrastructures in Frankfurt. By the end of the year, Jack Ma’s firm is expected to open other data centers in the Middle East, Australia and Japan. These new openings will bring the number of data centers that make up the Alibaba fleet to 14.

“The launch of our first data center in Europe makes Alibaba’s technological innovation accessible to companies of all sizes in Germany and beyond. This is further proof of our commitment to facilitate the growth of companies in Europe and to enable them to improve the scalability of their business processes at the same time ”, declared Terry von bibra, General Manager Europe of Alibaba Group.

moneybox-computer-fintech-financeAt the European level, the crowdfunding market practically doubled between 2014 and 2015, to exceed 5.4 billion euros, according to the results of a study carried out by the center for alternative finance of the University. of Cambridge, in partnership with KPMG.

While the United Kingdom represents 80% of the market share, in France the sector has grown by 318% between 2013 and 2015, which allows it to rank second among the most dynamic countries in Europe, with 319 million euros in transactions. Germany comes in third, with 249 million euros in transactions recorded in 2015. Note, in France, it is the model of the loan between individuals that is the most widespread. It represented 42% of the French market in 2015.

** Methodology: The report was made possible through the participation of 17 major European industry associations and research partners. It was drawn up on the basis of data from 367 alternative finance intermediaries: crowdfunding, loans between individuals and other alternative financing methods, from 32 European countries (including 273 outside the United Kingdom). It thus offers a photograph of nearly 90% of the visible market.

More than 9 out of 10 French journalists say they can no longer do without social networks as part of their missions, according to a study carried out among more than 2,000 journalists worldwide by Cision, in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University.

If at first glance this figure suggests that French journalists have adopted digital tools, the comparison with the other countries covered by the study shows a certain delay. In Sweden, for example, 96% of journalists use social networks, as in Finland. In terms of mastery of tools, it is in Canada and the United Kingdom that journalists are the most expert.


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Air ForceAfter several months of competition between agencies, theAir Force entrusts its communication budget to Havas Paris, and this for a period of 3 years.

The mission of the Parisian agency will be to define and develop the communication strategy of the Air Force, as part of its annual recruitment campaigns. Main target of the next campaign, scheduled for 2017, digital natives who are preparing to enter the job market.

South Korean automaker Hyundai chose the CRO + TTworkbench solution from Spirent to improve its on-board computer system. The solution makes it possible to test the various functionalities of connected cars in order to detect a problem, solve it and build the most suitable network to support all the applications. The proliferation of on-board cameras and driving assistance systems require developed and reliable computer networks.

anne-sophie-flageul-allovoisins-2016Anne-Sophie Flageul arrives at AlloVoisins as customer satisfaction manager

AlloVoisins announces the appointment ofAnne-Sophie Flageul as responsible for customer satisfaction. Previously, she was Client Manager at the SMAC agency.

Vincent Guesdon is promoted to innovation director at Deloittevincent-guesdon-deloitte-2016

Deloitte appointed Vincent Guesdon as innovation director. As part of his new functions, he will be responsible for developing new offers and advising clients. Vincent Guesdon joined Deloitte in 2014 as director of the incubation program of Deloitte France.

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From Monday November 28 to Friday December 2

After the “Special Digital Jobs” week, Frenchweb decrypts the media sector in the digital age. In the era of the super power of social networks, new information distribution hubs, what is left for traditional media?

Since the start of 2016, 11 fundraisers have been carried out in France in the media sector, for a total of nearly 12 million euros, according to the Frenchweb Invest. Among the main fundraising events, we note the 4 million euros raised by the Molotov platform, or the 2 million euros invested in the capital of Babbler.

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Altaïde is looking for a Digital e-Commerce / BtoB Services Group Director for its client (M / F)

You will have all the keys (team, recruitment, management, vision, service providers, etc.) to grow this business while integrating into the context.

Your main missions will focus on:

  • Analyze our business to define a strategic plan and lines of work

  • Reflect on the ranges of products / services offered digitally

  • Offer new functionalities to be developed in the light of digital: customer services, multi-channel commercial approach and according to targets, etc.

  • Improve the management of e-commerce activity (site redesign, acquisition, SEO, web marketing, etc.), and CRM.

  • Then develop a brand awareness plan to develop the number of customers

  • Manage a team of 5 people to assist you in your missions

  • Carry out numerous projects in parallel with your team (and / or external service providers) while having the tenacity necessary to go to the end

  • Behave like a real boss of BU Digital by developing a very ROIste approach by measuring the effectiveness of all the projects implemented

  • Benchmark best practices, share them and relay them internally by supporting teams to test and implement them

  • Ensure regular reporting of your actions

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