Google affected by Motorola’s loss of 1.24 billion in 2013

by bold-lichterman

Over a year, the Google subsidiary has generated 1.245 billion losses. However, the Moutain Vie firm shows overall good results despite a net profit slightly below forecasts.


After the impact caused yesterday by the announcement of the resale of Motorola by Google to Chinese Lenovo for $ 2.91 billion, whereas it had acquired it for 12.5 billion two years earlier [lire notre article : Google jette l’éponge et vend Motorola au Chinois Lenovo pour 2,91 milliards de dollars, ndlr], the Mountain View firm released its results for the fourth quarter of 2013.

Obviously, the eyes turned to the figures of the subsidiary: the manufacturer of the famous Moto X reports a loss of $ 384 million over the months of October to December alone, which represents a net result of… -31%. A financial assessment to say the least worrying all the more so as, a year earlier, over the same period, the manufacturer of handsets had generated a deficit of 152 million dollars, or -10% of its turnover.

If we add up their losses from each quarter of the year, the bill turns out to be steep with $ 1.245 billion in losses (4Q: -384 million dollars, 3T; -248 million dollars; 2Q: -342 million dollars; 1Q: -271 million dollars), an even greater low than the -1.1 billion cashed in 2012.

Google, however, maintains a very comfortable margin and performs well overall. In total, the American juggernaut generated 16.86 billion dollars in turnover over the last quarter, for a positive net income of 3.37 billion, up compared to the third quarter (14.89 billion and 2, 97 billion). But while earnings are better than investors expected, Motorola’s poor performance weighed on earnings per share, which at $ 12.01 was slightly lower than expected.