Google AdWords: How to target Gmail users with the new Google Sponsored Promotion solution

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As part of the strategy of developing your sales via the digital channel, Google represents a considerable market and an unrivaled variety of targeting, via its Google AdWords tool. Recently, advertisers can also target Gmail users. Ronan Le Glouannec of the agency Ekko Media, Google AdWords expert, tells you more.

Google is not only THE leading French advertising agency in terms of audience but, with the Google AdWords tool, the Californian company has been able to offer a tool to capture your target under the best conditions: quality of targeting and control of your advertising investment.

Google: 1time French advertising agency

Google offers two distribution networks for your advertisements:

The search engine is by far the best known solution to the general public. Certain distribution models, which are fairly recent, are nevertheless still relatively unknown. We can in particular quote the Rlsa (Remarketing List for Search Ads).

The Display network from Google, otherwise known as GdN (Google Display Network), offers constantly evolving distribution solutions. This network is the largest worldwide network in terms of volume of managed websites and the 3rd in terms of reach.

The whole (research + GdN) represents a reach rate (penetration rate), that is to say an ability to reach your target, greater than 90%. In other words, unavoidable.

Google AdWords: tool performance and targeting precision

Google Adwords, a very powerful advertising tool developed by Google engineers, makes it possible to reach this audience thanks to thousands of combinations in terms of targeting. AdWords allows you to categorize your prospects into very specific targets. Combined with conversion tracking solutions, you can aim for very high audience quality and maximum return on investment.

The tool makes it possible, especially on the display network, to target an audience by centers of interest, socio-demographic data, CSP, language, etc. For example, you can choose to target only Women aged 35 to 45 living in the 5th arrondissement from Paris.

A “performance” approach

AdWords is a major ally for any business wishing to develop performance-based web sales. Thanks to the power and precision of its tools: daily budget, data feedback for each keyword, conversion tracking,… you can precisely manage your advertising investments and their ROI (return on investment).

The Adwords platform makes it possible to arbitrate actions according to an immediate criterion of profitability. This is what makes its great strength vis-à-vis other more traditional methods or media (TV, Radio, Press, etc.): performance-based management, i.e. based on an objective precise return on investment (cost per conversion). This is of course also the case for the new Gmail Sponsored Promotion network, which also offers other very interesting targeting solutions.

According to a Médiamétrie / Netratings study carried out at the end of 2013, Gmail is the 3rd webmail in terms of volume of French users behind Outlook and Orange. In November 2013, it registered nearly 9 million unique visitors.GSP: high-performance targeting

Google has taken advantage of this tool and relied on its strong audience by developing the Gmail Sponsored Promotion. This new tool allows you to expose your prospects and / or customers to advertisements via their Gmail messaging. Your ad is displayed above the emails received by your target in the “Promotion” tab.

Teaser Image

When the email is opened, a complete message is displayed on the screen from which the Internet user can be redirected to your website. He can also save or transfer it.

Image Gsp FrenchWeb

Ultra-efficient targeting

To reach the most qualified audience, two types of targeting are available:

Display network type targeting, allows you to select socio-demographic, thematic or even data relating to Internet users’ interests.

Targeting specific to the Gmail Sponsored Promotion network based on 2 main themes:

– Domain name: this type of targeting makes it possible to publicize your brand, your product and / or service offer by targeting Internet users receiving newsletters from your competitors.

– Product purchase targeting: this option allows you to target an audience that has already made a purchase on an offer similar to or competing with yours.

GSP: relevant ad formats

For the Gmail Sponsored Promotion network, 4 ad formats are available to allow you to be the most relevant to your prospects and / or customers:

– Image template: An image of your choice that is clickable

– Unique Promotion: A unique visual, a description insert, an action button

– Multi-Product Promotion: Possibility to display several products with action buttons for each

– Html code: Upload of a custom Html code

Image models

What interest for my company?

In addition to the advantages specific to Google AdWords allowing you to aim for a short-term profitability objective (ROI), advertising via the Gmail Sponsored Promotion network has two main strengths for the development of your business:

– Conversion objectives: quantity, quality AND profitability
Like the other networks available via AdWords (search and display) mentioned above, the purchase of space on Gmail via GSP, in addition to representing a major audience volume, can be managed according to a short-term profitability target. This promise isn’t just one if your campaign is professionally managed and optimized. This is what makes AdWords solutions so powerful and its growing success in a landscape of buying advertising that is on the decline.

– An effective but non-intrusive mode of communication
Emails are an integral part of our daily lives, and we consult them repeatedly throughout the day. Unlike other display mode, this method has the advantage of not being too intrusive, while being very effective due to the proximity effect, with your target.

– A very targeted and offensive mode of communication
Thanks to targeting methods from the classic Display Network and those offered by Gmail Sponsored Promotion campaigns, your message is only displayed to a highly qualified audience. The precision of the targeting available makes it possible to target only Internet users who have a sustained interest in your offer. For example, you can target Internet users who have subscribed to the newsletter of one of your competitors, or those who have already made a purchase of a product similar and / or complementary to yours.

In conclusion, the Gmail Sponsored Promotion network is an additional string to the Google AdWords Arc, which strengthens and completes the already very effective system offered by Google for your direct performance marketing.

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