Google acquires DNNresearch for its speech recognition technologies

by bold-lichterman

Google has just bought the Canadian start-up DNNresearch, specializing in artificial neural networks and from the science department at the University of Toronto.

DNNresearch banner

These networks are computational models, inspired by the functioning of the human brain, which increase computational capacities and make it possible to provide more relevant answers to the requests submitted to them.

Composed of three people, Professor Geoffrey Hinton and his students Alex Krizhevsky and Ilya Sutskever, this start-up should allow the Mountain View firm, which has already funded research to the tune of $ 600,000, to improve its technologies voice recognition or the identification of objects and reproduction of natural language. The team of DNNresearch will merge with those of Google.

Already used by Google on Android or Chrome, these technologies should be used in Google Glass projects or the Google Now application, while Apple’s Siri is about to make its arrival on iOS.

Google had already stood out this summer by unveiling its artificial “brain”, a neural network made up of nearly 16,000 processors and entirely autonomous. Connected to the Internet and autonomous, the network would have learned alone to recognize a cat.