Google about to launch a Periscope-killer?

by bold-lichterman

Periscope live video streaming service could have a big new competitor. Google would indeed work on the development of its own live streaming which would be based on its subsidiary YouTube, according to VentureBeat.

Counter Periscope and Facebook

Available on both iOS and Android, this new service would allow Internet users to broadcast a live video stream from a smartphone. The content would be viewable by Internet users from the application or on YouTube. According to the American news site, several functionalities would be envisaged such as an information flow or the possibility of adding “tags”.

Such an application aims to position Google in the live streaming, a market popularized so far by Periscope, the start-up acquired by Twitter a year ago and which announced in August 2015 to have passed the milestone of 10 million registered user accounts. For its part, Facebook reacted by presenting its “Live” service, initially limited to a few users, then opened in December 2015 to the public.

YouTube competed

Other actors have embarked on the adventure, such as Meerkat, one of the precursors who stood out at the SXSW festival in Austin last year. However, unable to rely on a large network of members like Facebook or Twitter, the start-up decided to operate a strategic pivot, as confirmed by its founder in a blog post.

In the end, can YouTube really carve out the lion’s share of the live streaming ? In any case, the online video-sharing platform has many strengths, such as more than a billion users and an already global presence, with 80% of views taken outside the United States, according to his statistics. The fact remains, however, that the site is increasingly competing with Facebook, but also Snapchat in online video.