[GOOD MORNING Frenchweb] Glwadys Le Moulnier: “Social class determines the difficulty with which one can undertake”

by bold-lichterman

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Discover Episode 1 of the podcast L ‘Audacity, produced in partnership with French Tech, in order to make you discover keys for welcome, finance, manage and encourage talents with atypical profiles. The French Tech Tremplin program was set up to give all our talents a chance to flourish. Kat Borlongan, director of the mission French Tech, explains this project to us in the first episode of the Audace podcast.

We also met one of these daring ones. Her name is Glwadys Le MoulnierShe comes from Essonne and is the founder of the image bank Spriiks. She tells us about her journey.

Emmanuel Freund is back. After leaving Blade earlier this year, the entrepreneur is launching a new start-up. Called PowerZ, it aims to offer an educational game for children. As part of its development, the company announces a funding round of 3 million euros. Emmanuel Freund takes us behind the scenes of this new project.

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