Golan Telecom, founded by Michael Boukobza, obtains the mobile license in Israel with Xavier Niel

by bold-lichterman

Former director general of Illiad, Michael Boukobza had resigned from the parent company of Free in 2007 to go and develop personal projects in Israel.

boukobzaHis company, Golan Télécom, has just obtained the 5th Israeli mobile license with a strong ally, Xavier Niel, who has a 30% stake in its structure.

“It is possible to halve the mobile bill in Israel, an annual saving of 700 euros per household”, promises Michaël Boukobza.

A great achievement when you know the composition of the competition!

Patrick Drahi (formerly Numéricable), and a very active investor in telecoms in Israel that he previously advised, also obtained a license.