GitHub believes in the new reign of developers

by bold-lichterman

Github, the open source collaborative work platform created in 2008, claims its status as “the largest professional workshop in the world”. With 40 million unique visitors to the site per month, it attracts developers who come to share their projects, but also 66,000 client companies who come to exchange information with their communities. On Twitter, the Github community brings together 860,000 followers.

Among the rising trends, the San Francisco-based company intends to ride one in particular: “Open source and open communities are merging with the world of private enterprise,” says Paul St John, VP Global Sales at Github, met during the USI conference in June 2016 in Paris.

While it firmly believes in the rise of transparency in business circles, the American platform has just published its “Transparency Report»Annual, in which it provides information on copyright litigation under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA). In some cases, the company had to withdraw the projects.


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