[Geste] What will the advertising of tomorrow look like?

by bold-lichterman

Le Geste, the Grouping of Online Content and Services Publishers, organized on December 13, a prospective morning on tomorrow’s advertising. Among the speakers were Matthieu Aubusson, France manager of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Pascal Dasseux, CEO of Havas Digital and even Fabien Magalon, general manager of The Media Square. They came back to what digital advertising should be.

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Matthieu Aubusson first mentioned forecasts for the media market, for the next 5 years. According to him, the media market will be driven by emerging countries, and in particular by the 4 BRIC countries and those of the Golden 8 (Venezuela, South Africa, with the countries of North Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and Oceania). The expected average annual growth of the advertising market is estimated at around 13% in each of these emerging countries against a global average of 6.4% per year. In Western Europe and North America, it should be 2 to 5% per year.

He adds : »Over the next 5 years, digital should contribute 67% to the growth of the media sector worldwide, but digitization varies greatly depending on the markets and the potential of digital offers. “

Pascal Dasseux, Chairman and CEO of Havas Digital, then reviewed the effectiveness of digital advertising : ” In France, 44% of respondents say they watch television with a laptop on in front of them and 33% with a connected smartphone. This technological transition opens the doors to a new digital, mobile, multi-screen, multi-use and multi-sensory era with the development of new interfaces that increasingly appeal to all of our senses. ”

In short, programs move from one screen to another, their lifespan is increased tenfold, and this new way of consuming media offers great advertising opportunities.

“The Mad Men give way to the Math Men”

Two round tables were also organized on the occasion of this morning of reflection. The first, entitled ” Mobility, how to bridge the gap ” allowed its guests to discuss the mobile advertising market. We will retain the following interventions:

Benoît Raphaël, Co-founder of Trendsboard: “ the difference between time spent on mobile, the number of page views and the advertising turnover actually achieved is still in a ratio of 1 to 10. In other words, publishers and the media only use 10% of the business potential on mobile. “

Frédéric Dumeny, Managing Director, Adfonic: “ In the mobile advertising market, data tracking is absolutely key. The information gathering strategy must be thought out both upstream and downstream. Brands must keep this dimension in mind from the start for the development of their mobile applications. It’s primordial. “

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The second, on the theme ” Ad exchange: the transformation of space sales » brought together 7 speakers for a discussion on advertising revenue. Fabien Magalon, Managing Director of The Media Square, declared: ” This year in France, internet advertising revenue has doubled for publishers. The RTB (Real Time Bidding) revolution has made it possible to multiply CPMs by X3 or by X4. “

David Licoys, director of digital activities for the Le Monde group: “ In this new digital space, not all media agencies will have the vocation of continuing […] Jobs are changing rapidly. The Mad Men are in fact rapidly giving way to the Math Men and there will ultimately be only three main categories of professions, RTB managers, more of a scientific or engineer profile, OPS managers for project management, rather of commercial profile and brand ambassadors. “