[Géo-socialisation] Balumpa unveils its mobile application

by bold-lichterman

Barely a month after having raised € 200,000, the specialist in geo-socialized outings, Balumpa, just launched its iPhone application. A new service which therefore gives full meaning to the concept developed by the Lille start-up.

Geo socialisation Balumpa unveils its mobile applicationFrom the EuraTechnologies incubator, Balumpa offers, in fact, the possibility for Internet users to share, discuss and recommend cultural or leisure activities. Hyper-local and instantaneous, the web and mobile platform allows you to discover outings around you, at the last minute.

The new iPhone application, for its part, enriches the social dimension of the offer. Users can instantly find their Facebook friends on the service. Exchanges and interactions between members are favored by the integration of a system alerts that inform users, in real time, of their friends’ respective release plans.
Finally, the “I’m there” feature at the soul / hip-hop festival or the latest street-art opening allows users to tell their entire community where they are and encourage their friends to. join … The tool also allows you to get in touch with “friends of friends” present at the event, which encourages new encounters.

Balumpa is notably available in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Nantes, Rennes, Toulouse, Nice, Bordeaux, or even Strasbourg and Montpellier. The start-up should soon put a similar application online on the Android Market.