GenyMobile is funded to the tune of 7 million euros and wants to recruit 30 people

by bold-lichterman

The amount

GenyMobile has just raised 7 million euros from Alven Capital as the main provider of funds. Bpifrance also contributed to the financing via the Ambition Numérique Fund. In July 2014, the company already had raised 2 million euros seeded with Canadian entrepreneur Ryan Cook. This allowed him to settle in Silicon Valley.

The core business

The offer comes in three services. The main source of income for the company is the GenyMotion Android application emulator (3.3 million active users). This tool allows companies to customize applications to exactly match their needs, with the platform’s source code open.

GenyDeploy is the second offering. It allows you to configure an Android fleet very quickly: 540 to 570 smartphones can be configured by one person in a single day, compared to 8 to 12 previously. Finally, GenyMaster is the most recent offering. It makes it possible to create a “master” in the management of the fleet of smartphones from a company.

The economic model

The company markets its services in Saas (software as a service). It invoices companies for its GenyMotion offer 299 euros per year, GenyDeploy is sold for deployment (the offer costs between 2 and 20 dollars per equipped terminal) and GenyMaster will be marketed via an annual license.

The company established itself in Silicon Valley in 2014 and has approximately half of its customers there to date. Among its clients: Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesco Samsung, LinkedIn, eBay, Spotify …

It announces a forecast turnover of 6 to 8 million euros for 2015 but remains discreet about that released in 2014. It faces competition from other emulators such as Windroy, Andy OS.

The objectives of the Start-up

“We are going to recruit 30 people by the end of the year, the majority of which are developers specializing in Android in France in Paris and Lyon. In the United States, we are looking for project managers, marketing professionals, salespeople, e-commerce managers. In addition, we must finance the development of the integrated platform which will bring together the 3 existing services (GenyMotion, GenyDeploy and GenyMaster) ”explains Arnaud Dupuis, co-founder of GenyMobile with Angélique Zettor in 2011.

Anxious to minimize the turnover within the company, its two founders want to invest in internal exchanges in order to strengthen the employer brand. Employees in Paris, Lyon and San Francisco can request to go and work for a few weeks in an entity other than their own and GenyMobile then finances travel and accommodation in San Francisco.

“We are also going to make marketing expenses to spread our corporate culture, we are sponsoring events and some of our developers are going to lead conferences around the world,” says Arnaud Dupuis. He says technological innovations will be announced by the end of the year.

Founders: Arnaud Dupuis and Angélique Zettor

Creation: 2011

The head office: Paris, is also established in Lyon and San Francisco

Activity: Technical management of Android devices

Workforce: 50 people

Funding: 2 million euros (2014) and 7 million euros (2015)

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