GDPR, consent and privacy: myths and realities

by bold-lichterman

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for close friends) is on everyone’s lips on the side of large (and smaller) companies like the wolf that we expect around the corner without really understanding what can happen to us.

Luc-Marie Augagneur is a lawyer and specialist in digital issues, data and algorithms in particular, and we are laying the foundations of this GDPR together in this episode. Evolution for some, revolution for others, it is above all a question of principles and values ​​which should make it possible to change regulations and regulations to “signal the end of recess”. The question of consent is one of the key elements of these Rules and it gives rise to many fantasies and approximations.

Luc-Marie gives us his vision of the subject by drawing on references that are more philosophical than purely regulatory. If the concrete applications and sanctions of the GDPR on the side of the authorities still seem a little unclear, it is an important step that has been taken in the direction of users before going further and thinking about globalized regulation …

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The contributor:

1605270891 583 Space conquest towards infinity and beyondPassionate about technology and innovation on the web interfaces side, Thomas gouritin has been immersed in chatbots for several years with the design of projects for national and international actors.
For 18 months, he has been documenting chatbot tests in all sectors on and he drew from it a white paper supplemented by testimonials from key accounts (from Direct Energie to Disney France). His watchword: stop bullshit, let’s think above all about the experience offered to users!

Special GDPR / Data Protection Officer (DPO) day on September 20

FW will meet up with digital managers and decision-makers on Thursday, September 20 in Paris, for a full update on the strategic role of the DPO.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), implemented last May, provides for the presence of an IT and Freedom Correspondent, or Data Protection Officer.

  • Which companies are affected?
  • Who is this famous DPO?
  • What are his skills?
  • Is it a brake or a business accelerator?

These are all subjects that we will discuss on this special day. To register, click here, (150 participants maximum).