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Electronic Arts which is reducing its presence in social gaming… Fundraising carried out by Supercell and Yodo1… the good shape of mobile games versus console games… Focus on gaming news.

EA announces the end of three Facebook games and reduces its presence in social gaming

Electronic Arts announced Monday the end of The Sims Social, SimCity Social and Pet Society, three Facebook games which were offline dated June 14, 2013. Despite the rebound in social gaming seen on Facebook last year (the social network announcing a 24% increase in the number of users), publishers seem more and more reluctant to enter this market.

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<p> While Zynga, publisher of the hit game Farmville, is now dedicated to <a href= its own platform and at launch of online gambling , EA is putting an end to the activity of the social gaming studio Playfish, bought for nearly $ 400 million in 2009. Once Playfish games deactivated, EA will no longer be present on Facebook except through games like Bejeweled Blitz, Solitaire Blitz and soon Map ts vs. Zombies Adventures .

The Sims Social was one of the Facebook the most popular when it was launched, with a number of daily users close to tens of millions. Today, the game only attracts nearly half a million followers and is said to be on the way to being ejected from the Top100 games of the social network. And EA commented: “For those who have recently noticed other social gaming shutdowns, this might not come as a surprise …”

Ubisoft acquires the studio German Related Designs

Ubisoft announced last week that it would become the majority shareholder of the German studio Related Designs, a specialist in the development of PC strategy games, like the flagship Anno series (Anno 1701, Anno 1404, Anno 2070).

Previously owner of 30% of the capital, the Frenchman acquires the remaining 70% via a cash transaction. The Related Designs teams should be associated with those of BlueByte, another Ubisoft studio based in Düsseldorf. In the words of Thomas Pottkämper, CEO of Related Designs, the two studios will collaborate on the development of Might & Magic Heroes Online , a free-to-play browser-based MMO.

< strong> Also this week…

After raising nearly 100 million euros last February, the Finnish publisher of tablet games would have completed a new round of funding which would value 590 million euros and currently generate nearly 2 million euros per day…

The start-up Yodo1 yesterday finalized a round of funding of 3.8 million euros with SingTel I nnov8, a venture capital arm of a mobile operator, and its historic shareholder Changyou Fund. The game publisher currently claims nearly 25 million monthly active players .

The study of the week:

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  • Mobile games grab 42% of investments made in the sector
  • The funds raised by Supercell and Yodo1 l ‘illustrate: mobile game publishers are popular with investors . According to a recent study by CB Insights, mobile gaming concerns 42% of all 106 fundraising operations carried out in the mobile sector during the first quarter, far ahead of advertising (9%) or application development (3% ). The total mobile investments made during the first three months of the year thus amount to € 549 million.

    The study notes that mobile games are benefiting from a growing audience extended compared to social gaming, combined with relatively low development costs compared to the console video game industry.

    Below is the graphic produced by Business Insider from study data:

    mobile vc deal volume

    Infographic of the week:

    • Mobile games vs Console games

    Offered by the online investment platform Kapitall, the infographic below illustrates the evolution of the gaming market through the opposition between mobile and traditional sectors.

    We learn that the sales of console games still far outstrip those of mobile games, with a turnover of € 19.5 million against € 7.4 million. Nevertheless, console game sales would decline by 25% each year, a figure that drops to -37% for console sales.

    The infographic shows in particular the difficulties encountered by home consoles in the face of increasingly efficient tablets and smartphones and mobile games at slashed prices, but also with the arrival on the market of low-cost consoles like the Indian one. Ouya ($ 99).


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