Games represent 80% of revenue generated by mobile applications

by bold-lichterman

The successes of Zynga, King or WhatsApp may be dreamy, but tend to obscure the reality of the developer market. Most mobile applications would not have a sustainable economic model according to a study carried out among more than 10,000 application developers by the firm Developer Economics. Thus, 24% of applications generate no monthly income, 23% generate between $ 1 and $ 100 per month, 19% between $ 1,000 and $ 10,000, and only 12% beyond.

In this context, the advantage is for iOS developers since they are 50% to touch 500 dollars (the “poverty line” not established by the cabinet) or more each month with an application, against 36% for their Android colleagues. . The latter are also 49% have an application that generates less than 100 dollars per month, against 35% for iOS.

Unsurprisingly, the priority operating systems are Android (42%) and iOS (32%), Windows Phone (10%) and BlackBerry (3%) arriving only well after. Games occupy a leading position in the profitability of applications since they represent 40% of downloads for … 80% of revenues on blinds. Result: 33% of developers focus on making games, but 57% of those are not profitable.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos