Gameloft posts a loss of 24.2 million euros in 2015

by bold-lichterman

Gameloft has just published the financial results for its 2015 financial year. The game publisher as Asphalt reports a turnover of 256.2 million euros, up 13%, but the net result is however in the red with a loss of 24.2 million euros.

Improved gross margin

“The 2015 strategic plan, which resulted in a global reorganization of the teams and a significant reduction in costs, has started to bear fruit. The cost of this transformation, which involved nearly 20% of the company’s workforce, including 850 job cuts, weighed on the net income for the year but made it possible to restore Gameloft’s operational profitability from the second half of the year. fiscal year 2015 ”, declared Michel Guillemot, CEO of Gameloft.

In addition, the French company made it clear that its gross margin improved to 85%, against 82% a year earlier. And with regard to monetization, she emphasizes having signed with a dozen programmatic advertising platforms.

Vivendi takeover bid

The publication of these results comes as the company wants to escape the takeover bid launched by Vivendi. The Vinvent Bolloré group, which owns 30% of Gameloft’s capital, submitted an offer on February 18 to the AMF, which was unanimously rejected by the members of the company’s board of directors. .

However, the AMF considered that Vivendi’s takeover bid for Gameloft shares was compliant. The game publisher announced on March 18 that it “will file an appeal against this decision before the Paris Court of Appeal in the coming days”, then indicates the company in a press release.