Gafa tax: France maintains its project despite American threats

by bold-lichterman

French Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire assured Wednesday that France was maintaining its plan to tax digital services within the framework of the OECD despite new threats of US trade sanctions. ” We will not give up on the digital tax ”, said Mr. Le Maire after a G7 finances. There is according to him “A real contradiction between the United States’ demand for unity within the G7, which we support, and the prospect of new trade sanctions”.

The Trump administration on Tuesday launched a formal investigation into taxes or plans to impose digital services in many countries around the world, including the European Union, Indonesia, Turkey, India and the Kingdom. -United. The United States considers that a digital tax is discriminatory against the great American digital champions like Amazon, Google or Netflix, and threatened several countries which wanted to apply it with reprisals.

After an escalation in which Donald Trump threatened to tax French wines, Paris proposed to the United States to suspend the levy of the tax this year in order to find an agreement. The OECD has been looking for several years to reform the tax system more suited to the digital economy, but has not yet reached a consensus. According to Bercy, negotiations are progressing between several countries but not with the United States.