[Gadgets de la semaine] The sensations of IFA Berlin 2011

by bold-lichterman

The 2011 edition of the‘IFA, the European consumer electronics fair, has just opened in Berlin. Once again tablets and 3D technology are in the spotlight. Here are some of the highlights of the event.

Who says tablet, says finesse. This year, the Japanese manufacturer Toshiba wins the gold palm for the thinnest tablet. Indeed, its latest in the field, the AT200 is only 7.7 mm thick against 8.6 for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Samsung and 8.8 mm for the iPad 2 from Apple.

Gadgets de la semaine The sensations of IFA Berlin 2011

Manufacturers have also invested heavily this year on 3D. We note in particular, the Xperia Arc S, the latest smartphone from Sony that integrates a panoramic camera allowing recording in 3D.
Sony is also making a name for itself with its Oled screen home cinema headphones. Advertised as “The personal 3D viewing device”, this little gem will go on sale next October, but its price is still unknown.
Toshiba, for its part, has attracted attention with its 3D TV without glasses. The ZL2 allows you to look at the screen from several angles thanks to facial recognition technology. Cutting-edge innovation that comes at a high price: € 7,999.
LG is also staying in the 3D battle with the LZ9900, the largest full LED 3D television in the world (183 cm diagonal).