[Gadgets de la semaine] 5 new features from CES

by bold-lichterman

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) will close its doors this Friday, January 13. Like every year, this high-tech product mass unveiled a whole host of new products. Here is a selection of a few gadgets that caught our attention.

I’m Watch from Sony

Gadgets de la semaine 5 new features from CES

Featured in FrenchWeb’s apple-i column, I’m Watch was officially launched at CES. Developed by Sony and an Italian start-up, this is an elegant watch (which looks like the one you can build from an iPod Nano) ultra-connected. This allows you to listen to music, consult your emails, messages and agenda. The connection is made by bluetooth via a smartphone. The prices range between 200 and 10,000 euros …


Gadgets de la semaine 5 new features from CESUltra-connected, with OLED screen or even in ultra-HD… Televisions have definitely made their show at CES. Google TV has as well
announced new partnerships with Vizio, LG and Samsung. These last two manufacturers have also unveiled 55-inch OLED screens. Panasonic and LG have finally presented “ultra-HD” televisions which offer a quality 4 times higher than that of simple HD.

The Lumia 900 and smartphones under Intel

1606111217 816 Gadgets de la semaine 5 new features from CESThis is the third smartphone in the Lumia range developed under Windows Phone 7. The device is notably equipped with an 8M pixel camera and a 4.3 ″ Amoled screen.

Intel has announced multi-year partnerships with Motorola and Lenovo to develop smartphones and tablets. The Lenovo smartphone will initially be reserved exclusively for the Chinese market.

Razer Fiona tablet

1606111217 722 Gadgets de la semaine 5 new features from CESRazer’s Fiona is a hybrid device at the same time: PC, tablet and game console. This gadget has a 10-inch multitouch screen, two controllers that act as handles, and can connect to a keyboard and a mouse. The launch is scheduled for late 2012.

The LG smart refrigerator

1606111217 210 Gadgets de la semaine 5 new features from CESAll the food in your refrigerator is recorded using a scan or photograph system. This then offers you different recipes depending on the products available. A touch screen allows you to manage provisions according to expiration dates. If you also have the LG oven, the refrigerator sends it directly the instructions for making the recipe in question.