Gadget of the week: Zpen Live, so you don’t write silly!

by bold-lichterman

Accustomed to press conferences, we note every time that the media world is divided into two categories: those who type and those who write! Clearly those who have a laptop or a tablet and those who play paper / pen vintage way.

The good news is that there is an alternative between these two worlds, a pen not bic but geek: the Zpen Live!

Gadget of the week Zpen Live so you dont writeDeveloped by Dane-Elec Memory, it simply allows you to take old-fashioned notes while retrieving the whole in digital format once back at the office. The Zpen Live works on any A4 medium to which you clip a small wireless receiver that connects by USB to your PC and also acts as a storage key.

The NoteSearch application, included in the receiver, makes it possible to classify and carry out searches by key words from a character recognition function. Finally, in mouse mode, the paper support even becomes a graphics tablet.

ZPen Live is available in DANE-ELEC distribution networks at the recommended price of € 79.90. Expensive for a pen, cheap to enter the 21st century!