Gadget of the week: Visible Green charger for iPhone and iPod

by bold-lichterman

The mains charger Dexim combines two main advantages: its lighting technology and its system of very noticeable reduction in electricity consumption.

Up to 65% of your device’s charge, light travels through it at high speed. It becomes slow until fully charged, then the cable turns off. Its real value lies in the auto shutdown system which allows you to leave your device connected without unnecessary consumption on standby. The gain announced by its manufacturer is then 85%. The restart is done automatically as soon as use is resumed.

Dexim recalls that in the United States, 12% of the national annual electricity consumption circulates in internal and external power chargers.

The usb version alone will be marketed in France from June at € 19.90 and € 34.90 with the charger. See the list of distributors.