Gadget of the week: the Commodore 64, back!

by bold-lichterman

The legendary Commodore 64, the personal computer launched in 1982, sold millions of copies worldwide, is making a comeback in a 2011 reloaded version.

The Commodore company surf on the nostalgia of the first geeks to relaunch what was a real beast of war at the time, judge instead: 64 KB of ram, a stratospheric processor clocked at 1 MHz and 16 colors! We understand melancholy!

Gadget of the week the Commodore 64 backThe PC with a look as happy as a rainy Sunday returns, pumped up, with an Atom Dual Core 525 Atom processor and for the graphics part, an Nvidia Ion2. Everything is housed in the keyboard, with its original keys.

According to the models, we will find 2 to 4 Gb of RAM, hard drives from 160 Gb to 1 Tb, DVD player-recorders and Wifi (on the three more expensive models). Prices range from $ 250 to $ 895.