Gadget of the week: Linutop 4, the new French mini PC

by bold-lichterman

Since 2006, Linutop develops hardware and software products in the open source Linux environment to offer miniature and economical solutions.

The French company has already designed three versions of its mini PC Linutop, fanless and without hard disk, pre-equipped with an Ubuntu OS, the Open Office suite, Firefox, VLC Player. It launches the Linutop 4, the newest addition to its fanless mini PC range. Its functions:

  • Gadget of the week Linutop 4 the new French miniIt comes with ready-to-use software: Linutop kiosk, Firefox, Open Office, VLC Media player. Others can be easily added.
  • Its initial state can be restored on each restart.
  • The configuration can be saved, and duplicated on a USB key, which allows a large deployment with less effort.
  • Thanks to the absence of moving parts, it is a quiet computer that saves space (936g) and energy (<14W).

The Linutop 4 can be used as a simple Internet access point, a solution for reception or sales points. It can also serve as a mini web server or file server.

Full screen display of a site, loop playback of a video, a radio or TV stream or a slide show, we can assign it a single task, easily configurable thanks to the interface created by the company. It then becomes independent, turns on and off with a simple on / off button.
It integrates a RAM of 1 GB expandable to 2 GB DDR2 and a Flash memory of 2 GB. Its price should be slightly higher than the 340 € HT of the model preceding the Linutop 3.

It will be presented by its creators next week at the Linux Solutions exhibition at CNIT – Paris La Défense.

Find the Frenchweb interview conducted last January with Frédéric Baille, CEO of Linutop.